Each ml of product contains 0.005 ml of Dill oil, 0.0007 ml of Fennel oil and 40 mg of Simethicone. The inactive ingredients are sucrose syrup, methyl paraben and propyl paraben.



Kolitic is an anti-flatulent medicine which means that it helps to bring up wind or gas trapped in tummy. Kolitic is applied to relieve gripping pain, infant colic or wind due to trapped air.


The pain associated with colic may be caused by the build-up of small gas bubbles trapped in your baby’s tummy. The active ingredients in Kolitic help all the little trapped gas bubbles join to bigger bubbles which your baby can easily bring up as wind.


Gently shake the bottle before use.

Infants (below 6 months): 4-8 drops 4 times daily, 15 minutes before feed.

Infants (6-12 months): 8-16 drops 4 times daily, 15 minutes before feed.

Children (over 1 year): 15-20 drops 4 times daily, 15 minutes before feed.

Kolitic should be used for several days to achieve the best results, as treatment may show a progressive effect. If the symptoms persisted despite of proper use, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Drug Interaction

Side effects

Simethicone presented in Kolitic is not adsorbed into baby’s body and is very unlikely to harm your baby. It is very unusual for Kolitic to cause any side effects. Other ingredients in Kolitic, may cause allergic reactions, so that it is advised to discontinue the medicine or contact to your doctor or pharmacist.


Dill oil, Fennel oil, Simethicone

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